Our clients include film and TV production companies, international broadcasters and NGOs as well as technology start-ups, from Tokyo to LA and Stockholm and Jakarta. We have represented some of the world’s most influential and creative broadcast, media and arts organisations and we pride ourselves on having long-standing relationships with clients – many for over a decade. We’re never complacent and that’s because we love what we do. We hope it shines through in our work and what our clients say about us.


Christopher Hird, Founder/Managing Director, Dartmouth Films

“It is always a great challenge to get media attention for an independent documentary. The key is strategically focusing on the coverage which gets the attention of your target audience. tpr excel at this, helping to fill cinemas for us.”

Paul Elson, CEO, Brave New Media

“I have worked with Sophie and tpr media for four years now, and by choice would not work with anyone else. Sophie has the experience which gives me confidence not only that a campaign will go well, but that she will go above and beyond what a normal PR agency does to make sure the campaign is a success.”

Jon Snow, anchor, Channel 4 News

“tpr are brilliant, original and manage to obtain coverage and promotional opportunities in unexpected quarters.”

Nick Broomfield, award-winning director

“I loved working with tpr and we achieved amazing publicity.”

Tim Albone, Co-director, Out of the Ashes

“Wonderful people and wonderful PR. If you want huge coverage for your film you need tpr. It was, without a doubt, some of the most important money we spent on the film. They did an amazing job and are a complete joy to work with.”

Andy Glynne, director, Mosaic Films

“Passion, dedication and professionalism combined with excellent results, visibility and coverage. I wholeheartedly recommend tpr.”

David Pearson, director, Screenwriters’ Festival

“A PR agency with passion, excitement and commitment.”

Alain de Botton, author and philosopher

“tpr manages to reach parts of the media that no one else can. The company is a joy for any film-maker to work with.”

Peter Kosminsky, award-winning director

“tpr did a wonderful job on the publicity campaign for Britz – among the most comprehensive I have known. I can recommend them without reservation.”

Jan Younghusband, BBC, Music & events

“tpr are extremely dynamic and work sensitively with top artists. Brilliant coverage”

Elliot Grove, director, Raindance Independent Film Festival

“The tpr team totally understood what we were trying to do, took our message and amplified it. We have never had so much useful coverage.”

Emma Wakefield, managing director, Lambent Productions

“Sophie and her team at tpr are extraordinary. Their insight, dedication, determination and sheer passion gave our film the boost we all felt it deserved and never thought we could achieve. It was an absolute joy working with them and the results speak for themselves.”

Ronan Bennett, writer, Top Boy

“tpr did a brilliant job promoting Top Boy and made a big contribution to the success it turned out to be.”

Neil Crombie, director, All in the Best Possible Taste According to Grayson Perry

“tpr put their all into promoting the series and got us everywhere from the Sun to Start the Week, helping make these the most talked about tapestries since Bayeux.”

Yvonne Farquharson, managing director, Breathe Magic

“tpr committed a huge amount of time, passion and energy to securing media coverage. We are delighted with the coverage and it has driven a large increase in the number of enquiries coming into the organisation.”

Brian Hill, Century Films

“tpr are the best people around at getting press coverage for productions.”

Eamonn Matthews, Quicksilver

“tpr’s press campaigns were instrumental in ensuring not just solid audience figures but also the commissioning of future series.”

David Brindley, Commissioning Editor Channel 4

“I’ve worked with Sophie on several big series. She and her team provide attention to detail and you feel your films are very carefully and looked after in her hands. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with tpr media on many future projects.”

Angus Macqueen, Ronachan Films

“tpr are the right place to go to make sure an audience knows about a film.”

Roger Graef, Roger Graef Productions

“The best media relations I’ve had in years…”

Sue Summers, Finestripe Productions

“We got the kind of coverage that factual producers would kill for.”

Fran Silman, Justice for Health

“tpr media ensured we got our message out, in a way that we felt was truthful and honest. They helped us to work out how to explain what was a complex nuanced legal argument to the public, and we thank them for all their hard work and absolute commitment to the project.”

Pam Kleinot, Under The Knife, Pam K Productions

“Sophie and her team did a brilliant job at promoting our feature-length documentary, Under The Knife, helping it to reach a wide audience and fill over 60 screenings around the country.”

Nigel Pope, Founder and Creative Director, Maramedia

“We were thrilled with the brilliant work tpr media did on Born to be Wild. There’s no doubt it really paid off in terms of company profile and the series.”