Children of Ukraine

Two children in Ukraine, one named Andrey with a toy cannon and gun on the roadside


Children of Ukraine is a powerful documentary from Renegade Pictures by award-winning filmmaker and war reporter Shahida Tulaganova which aired on ITV, 13th November 2022. The 60-minute film follows Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the first of its kind to focus entirely on the children living through it. A story of fear, loss and hardship but also of extraordinary resilience and bravery. Part of ITV's Bafta-winning Exposure strand, Children of Ukraine, hears directly from 10 children through compelling testimonies, showing first-hand how the war has changed and shaped their lives as they live through the conflict.

Campaign Overview:

This was a targeted campaign with a short lead in time. After speaking with the head of features at the Mirror we were able to place a full page feature in the Sunday Mirror on the day the programme was being shown. This included an interview with Shahida and revolved around the story of Vyacheslav who lost his mother and now cares for his siblings. This was in both print and online, the paper has an average circulation of 366,000 and their online news receives an average of 32 million monthly readers. The paper followed the story as Shahida the director returned to Ukraine in late December with presents and supplies for the children and their families.

There were two in-depth interviews on Times Radio, the first on the breakfast show interviewing Shahida and the second on the Michael Portillo Show with Shahida and exec producer, Alex Cooke. Shahida was also a guest on Weekend, BBC World Service, and talked about the documentary during the show as well as commenting on other stories throughout the show.