Close up picture of a rare Arctic Fox in profile against the winter, snow-covered landscape of Iceland


Client: Maramedia

Channel: BBC TWO

Date: 30 January – 20 February 2021

Stormborn is a three-part wildlife series made by Glasgow indie Maramedia for BBC TWO. The series follows a compelling cast of charismatic and tenacious animal characters in Scotland, Iceland and Norway, including Arctic foxes, orcas, reindeer and puffins over the course of a dramatic breeding season. The documentary tracks their race against the darkness and increasingly unpredictable weather, due to climate change, as the animals raise their young. Ewan McGregor narrated the series.


tpr media was commissioned by Maramedia to carry out a broad‐ranging, high‐visibility campaign in order to raise the profile and drive viewers. After a couple of false starts, Stormborn was finally confirmed for 30 January 2021 with a very tight turnaround. We tied the campaign into the impact of climate change and the extreme weather conditions in the UK at the time with Storm Christof. We were delighted when The Mirror ran a visually spectacular spread, iNews focused on behind‐the‐scenes filming and trailed Stormborn on the front cover; guardian online ran a picture gallery in their environment section with a reach of just under two million. BBC Breakfast, with an average daily reach is 6.8 million viewers, interviewed three members of the production team. There were dozens of previews and reviews in nationals and regionals e.g. The Times and The Telegraph ran multiple previews. The Sun TV magazine covered Stormborn for three weeks running. The Daily Mail also ran two 4­ star reviews and Closer magazine made Stormborn one of its top 20 hits of the week. There were 99 pieces of coverage in total with an audience reach of 14.7 million. According to analytics used by Kantar media, the total news value was just over £1 million. See coverage here.